Between-class “flash mobs need to stop” principal says


The Lakeview High School (LVHS) Wildcats have gotten a little too wild lately, and the school’s principal is asking parents to rein in their kids for the final three weeks of class.

What’s the problem? Flash mobs and between-class hall parties that have grown increasingly rough over the past few days.

“[They] need to stop,” said Principal Paul Karafiol in an email to the school community on Wednesday.

The email was forwarded to CWBChicago by a parent whose child reports that “the school is pure chaos at times.”

Karafiol said students have been “chanting, yelling, and jumping up and down” between classes in “‘flash mobs’ or ‘fefes.’” over the past few days.

The class change parties have been growing increasingly noisy, students are being pushed and knocked around, and ordinary class times have been disrupted as the fefes rock on past the change bell, he said.

The principal warned that Bluetooth speakers would be confiscated and returned to students after class for the remainder of the school year.

Students who are caught fefe-ing will be “detained for the rest of the day and required to return to school with a parent the following day,” he said.

Extra security has been added to LVHS entrances to disrupt the flash mobs before they happen.



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