Report: Ghislaine Maxwell Hiding Out in New England


According to a report released by the Daily Mail, Ghislaine Maxwell, the alleged madame and confidant of the recently-deceased Jeffrey Epstein, has been located in Manchester-by-the-Sea, Massachusetts.

In the three years since being accused of sex crimes by Virginia Giuffre, Maxwell has allegedly become something of a recluse, staying in her boyfriend Scott Borgerson‘s house and rarely leaving the premises.

In 2016, before reportedly moving in with Borgerson, Maxwell sold her townhouse on the Upper East Side and hasn’t been seen publicly since. Many reports posited that she left the U.S. and either went to her home country of England or was hiding out in a remote location.

Following Epstein’s apparent suicide, however, Maxwell has begun garnering tons of media attention for her alleged involvement with the underaged girls who claimed Epstein abused them. As such, Epstein accusers have stepped forward and sued Maxwell for allegedly facilitating rape by actively seeking out young girls for Epstein to prey on.

Jennifer Araoz alleges that Epstein raped her and that Maxwell played a role in enabling Epstein.  The suit also names three Jane Does who allegedly assisted Maxwell and Epstein in their recruiting of underage girls.

Newly unsealed documents also allege that Maxwell facilitated contact between Epstein and several of his high society contacts, including Bill Clinton and various members of the royal family.

Maxwell has denied any wrongdoing, as has Clinton and others.  No one has sued or accused Clinton of misconduct.

With Attorney General William Barr claiming “that this case will continue on against anyone who was complicit with Epstein,” it’s unclear what, if any, action authorities will take against Maxwell.

Law&Crime is unable to independently verify whether Maxwell is in Massachusetts or with Borgerson.

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