How fast things change Ronnie Ortiz-Magro. Only hours after chilling in Beverly Hills with on-again girlfriend Jen Harley, the Jersey Shore star was arrested for allegedly chasing her with a knife—while carrying their baby girl, TMZ reports. The scene went down around 2:30am Friday at an Airbnb they’re renting in the Hollywood Hills area of Los Angles. Sources tell TMZ the police had to break down his door and tase the reality TV actor, who might have gone “off the rails” after allegedly taking cocaine.

Paramedics checked out Harley and 18-month-old Ariana, who had no major injuries. Ortiz-Magro was charged with kidnapping and is being held on $100,000 bail, per CNN. It isn’t their first brush with the law, either: Harley was cleared of a domestic battery charge in July after allegedly flinging an ashtray at his head during a New Year’s Eve altercation in Las Vegas. (Meanwhile, another Jersey Shore actor just finished serving time.)


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