Summer Zervos Files Proof of Trump Phone Calls


Former Apprentice contestant Summer Zervos previously filed a memorandum in a New York State court to unseal nine pages of documents that the Trump Organization designated as “confidential,” those documents have now been released in the defamation case. Zervos says they corroborate her account the Trump sexually assaulted her.

“This case, fundamentally, is about the truth,” the 15-page filing begins. “Summer Zervos told the truth when she stated publicly that [Trump] sexually assaulted her. Defendant then deliberately and maliciously lied when he attacked her by falsely, repeatedly declaring to millions of people that she fabricated the events for money, fame, and political purposes.”

Zervos’s ongoing lawsuit accuses Trump of defamation per se over his 2016 public denial that he sexually assaulted the season five contestant in a hotel room in 2007. Defamation is an unprotected form of speech which is legally actionable at the state level.

“[Zervos’s] account of the underlying sexual assaults has now been corroborated, in close detail, by documents produced from [Trump’s] own files,” the filing said.

Chief among those pieces of evidence are calendar entries for Trump and his personal bodyguard showing how both flew out of Las Vegas to Los Angeles in December 2007 and then stayed at the Beverly Hills Hotel–the time and place where Zervos maintains she was sexually assaulted by the then-NBC game show host.

Additional discovery documents culled from the Trump Organization’s own files are several December 2007 emails to and from Trump secretary Rhona Graff and Zervos wherein a lunch meeting between Trump and Zervos is discussed and scheduled.

“Those newly de-designated documents line up with Ms. Zervos’s detailed public account with striking accuracy,” the filing continues.

The full filing is available below:

Unredacted Brief ISO Declassification Motion by Law&Crime on Scribd

And the mostly redacted exhibit showing both Trump’s former phone number and call logs specific to the Zervos case:

Dedesignated Exhibit D by Law&Crime on Scribd

Colin Kalmbacher contributed to this report.

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