Missing Persons of America -What happened to Jeannette? Post goes viral after Lyft driver takes her to a warehouse


Jeannette Mitchell has a live video on Facebook that is going viral. It takes a while to read through everything to understand what happened, so I will break it down for you.

Yesterday morning, in Houston, Texas, Jeannette posted a live video from a gas station, to warn others of their surroundings. In the video, Jeannette says she was on her way to work and dropped her “baby girl” at school and her car started acting up. She called her dad who said to leave the car and he would fix it later and to take a Lyft to work. She said that she noticed the “Lyft” driver was not going on major streets or following the GPS. She asked him why he was doing that and at first he wouldn’t answer her. She repeated the question and he told her to be quiet. The driver stopped behind a truck and the driver sat there and didn’t move. Then a “black man with braids in his hair” got out of the truck and walked towards the car and told the driver to back up into the warehouse.

Jeannette posted, “The driver wasn’t black, his help, the truck that he pulled behind was a black guy. He was the one that opened the gate.”

Jeannette said in the video that she got out of the car and ran and called the police and was waiting at a gas station for them to show up.

“The cops did a report canvas the area,” posted Jeannette. By the time they came both drivers were gone etc. I’m just waiting to here the next steps. They have all his info and lyft was contacted.”

Many are asking where this location is on Jeannette’s post and she responded:

Checking on the address, it appears to be a property that was listed in 2018. It sold, but I couldn’t find a date. The listing reads: “Just blocks away from Westpark tollway and minutes to the Galleria. Iron fence around lot, small storage building with second floor office space. Secure concrete storage units with an open high covered steel structure.”

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