George Conway Responds to Kellyanne Conway on Twitter


Up to now, suspected subtweets were largely the extent of Never Trump Attorney George Conway’s Twitter criticism of Kellyanne Conway. On Monday, George Conway responded directly to something the White House counselor had to say.

“WATCH: Sleepy Joe is Creepy Joe. We need Ukraine’s help to defeat THIS guy?” Kellyanne Conway said, sharing a video of 2020 Democratic hopeful Joe Biden talking about his “hairy legs.” She’s asking, in other words, who needs to Ukraine’s help to win in 2020 when Biden is telling stories like these.

George Conway directly responded to this tweet, saying, “Your boss apparently thought so.” Conway has previously wondered, generally, how someone could be a spokesperson for Trump, and lamented seeing “someone sacrifice her integrity like this” for Trump.

[Images via Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images]

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