Missing Persons of America -Do you know who Karl Klinge is?


In 1988, a man was found deceased along with a suicide note that was signed by Karl Klinge, but authorities can not find anyone named Karl Klinge and think the man might have been using an alias. Do you know who this man is?

Written by Carol Incitti

On January 1, 1988, the body of a suicide victim was discovered 200 feet from the water line off Lovers Cove at Lake Mead in Nevada.

Before the discovery of the body, a MGB convertible, with Oklahoma plates, had been towed from a parking lot on December 12, 1987. Inside the car was found a suicide note, dated 12-6-87, that stated the man’s mother died two months earlier and that she was his only reason to live. He had no other family. The note also said that he had a terminal illness and didn’t want to prolong the inevitable.  The suicide note was signed Karl Klinge.

Copy of actual suicide note (Courtesy of Carol Incitti

The man had killed himself with a derringer gun. Also, inside the car and his pockets were receipts from a grocery store and auto parts store in Houston, Texas. He would have been about 5’3”.

Karl Klinge Facebook page

So, why does the car
or the gun not lead us to his identity?

The car was a very recent purchase and the seller did not have any information on the man. This tells us that the purchase was paid in full, in cash. Was this paid for with inheritance money? The car must have never been registered in the new owner’s name. (The seller had apparently no information on the buyer- he must have been from the region- there was no report of the buyer having an accent.)

The gun was never registered.

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