The Hibagon: A Japanese Bigfoot That Might Also Be A Marketing Ploy

Uncensored photo of a real-life Hibagon It’s a general fact of the world that every culture must have at least one story of a hairy ape-like creature. We’re all familiar with Bigfoot and his...

5 Strange Tales from Pandaemonium,a 17th Century Book on Demonology

An incomprehensible image from Richard Bovet’s “Pandaemonium.”  Even by the standards of this blog, the English demonologist Richard Bovet is a neglected soul. His 1684 book Pandaemonium, or the Devil’s Cloister passionately argued for the...

Wilbert Smith and Project Magnet, Canada’s Unintentional UFO Research Study

Canadian engineer & UFO researcher Wilbert Smith In the beginning of the Flying Saucer Saga, academics and military officials who studied the subject made a point of creating a division between themselves and their...

The Disappearance of J.C. Brown, a Man Who Allegedly Found Lemurian Ruins

An artist’s representation of Lemuria, minus any UFOs or giant, blonde-haired Lemurians. In 1864, the English zoologist Philip Sclater noted that lemur fossils had been found in both India and the far-away island of...

Ape Canyon’s Bizarre 1924 Bigfoot Attack

Fred Beck, veteran of America’s most horrific Bigfoot battle As far as I can tell, Washington’s Ape Canyon is a gorge on Mount St. Helens that is neither shaped like an ape nor inhabited...

How a Nobleman (Partially) Solved the Disappearance of a Purloined Plate

A generic ghost that has absolutely nothing to do with today’s story. While life imprisonment and execution do a relatively decent job of discouraging people from killing one another, the threat of posthumous vengeance...

The Witch Trial of Thomas Looten, a Man Accused of Cursing Plums

Depiction of a Witches’ Sabbath Although a lot of people complain that nobody knows their neighbors anymore, I don’t think that’s necessarily a bad thing. All too often, neighbors play their music too loud,...

On a Banshee’s Prediction of a Rector’s Death

Along with Bono and the leprechaun, the wailing banshee is probably one of the best-known creatures to come out of Ireland. While some people consider it a spirit, others classify it as a...

Aladino Félix: From Contactee to Terrorist

Our lord and savior, Aladino Félix I imagine few people have a  résumé as colorful as Aladino Félix’s. This Brazilian Renaissance man was an author, translator, World War II veteran, contactee, psychic, cult leader,...

A Mathematician’s Ghost Story: Or, the Thomases and the Phantom

Scholar Richard Bentley, pictured here being very scholarly. In December 1695, University of Oxford mathematician John Caswell wrote a letter to Richard Bentley, a renown classical scholar and clergyman at the University of Cambridge’s...

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